Helping To Win a U.S. History Prize

Often members are curious about what came of small projects tendered through the PHA Employment Bulletin. In this short piece Jack Ford reports on one job he successfully completed for the client, albeit an unusual client.   On 27 March 2017, the PHA (Qld branch) forwarded a request for assistance from a New Orleans high…
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Griffith University’s Harry Gentle Resource Centre now open

PHA (Qld) was well represented at the launch of Griffith University’s Harry Gentle Resource Centre attended by many industry delegates on Friday 21 April. The Centre, focusing on Queensland history prior to 1859 arises from the bequest of its sole benefactor Harry Gentle, who obtained at BA from Griffith in 1984. The university’s Chancellor Henry Smerdon AM unveiled a plaque in honour of Harry Gentle, and Neil Gentle provided some insight into the life and career of his brother. The function concluded with a banquet of food that might have been available to Queenslanders in the 1850s: kangaroo, crocodile, emu, mutton, liver pate, devilled eggs, damper, home-made bread, bush berries, lemon myrtle, jelly, boiled lollies, and more delicacies than anyone managed to sample on a smorgasbord of historical allusions.

Harry Gentle Resource Centre 2017

Image: Unveiling the Harry Gentle commemorative plaque at the launch of the Harry Gentle Resource Centre, Griffith University, Friday 21 April 2017. Pictured: Henry Smerdon AM, Wendy McKay, Neil Gentle and Noeline Gentle.

The Centre’s Director Professor Regina Ganter announced that the inaugural Harry Gentle Honours Scholarship for 2017 had been awarded to Dean Kerrison, a recent Griffith BA graduate and university medallist, to write a creative non-fiction account of the encounter between an Indigenous diplomat and a German missionary in the Moreton Bay region from the 1840s to the 1860s.

PHA (Qld) President and HGRC Fellow Dr Jonathan Richards was first in line for a HGRC seminar series in conjunction with the Queensland State Archives from May to July this year. On 19 May Dr Jonathan Richards spoke about Native Police movements and activities in South-East Queensland. Dr Ray Kerkhove’s talk titled ‘Reconstructing Resistance: mapping frontier affrays’ will be held on 16 June 2017. On 14 July 2017 Dr Anastasia Dukova will speak on ‘Policing a Colonial Metropolis: from Moreton Bay to Brisbane’. For more information on the seminar series  talks contact the Queensland State Archives.

Dr Lee ButterworthJune 2017e-bulletine

Lebanese History Showcased around Brisbane

Throughout April, PHA (Qld) member Dr Anne Monsour presented a number of engaging programs across Brisbane highlighting several facets of Queensland’s Lebanese heritage. [caption id="attachment_995" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Miegunyah House Museum[/caption] On April 9, Miegunyah House Museum hosted Dr Monsour’s talk, “Not two steps behind but side by side’, which explored the experience of Lebanese and Syrian women…
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PHA (Qld) President in popular demand!

Dr Jonathan Richards, the PHA (Qld) President, and a Visiting Fellow at the Harry Gentle Resource Centre, Griffith University, is in big demand this month. His talk at the Queensland State Archive on the 19 May, entitled “A dynamic map of Native Police movements”, is fully booked out. Dr Richards will discuss his digital mapping…
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Editorial – Living in Interesting Times… for Another Year

Welcome back to the work and fellowship of your professional association, as expressed or symbolised in this very humble e-bulletin. We start a new year. The next twelve months will be interesting times for us. Most of you will not be able miss the fact that the centenary of World War I is just about…
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Guest Editorial – Historically-minded in Queensland

Dear Editor, Your recent editorial on generational change expressed some important issues very clearly. It is certainly true, as you say, that it is the 60+ generation that seem the most interested in history, and that trend has probably been with us since Adam was a boy. I am not sure if anyone has done…
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Editorial – It’s not all Gloom and Doom!

I am told that "May you live in interesting times", is often referred to as the Chinese curse. I don’t believe in curses in any providential sense, but it is true that, as professional historians, we are living in interesting times. There is much about our present context that makes it difficult for a historian…
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2013 John Douglas Kerr Medal of Distinction – Dr Ruth Kerr, OAM

Few people have made a greater contribution to excellence in Queensland history as Dr Ruth Kerr has, and continues to, over a career spanning forty-five years. In her teaching, research, publications and involvement with Queensland State Archives, Queensland Parliamentary Library, a range of Queensland Government Departments, the University of Queensland, the Royal Historical Society of…
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