Judy Powell

Judy Powell
Judy Powell is a freelance historian and consultant archaeologist with twenty years experience in historical and archaeological research in Australia and overseas. She has extensive experience in historical site recording and field surveying, archival and oral history research, and community consultation. She is a past President of the Professional Historians Association of Queensland and recent Queensland delegate for the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists. She is currently working on a biography of Professor J.R.B. Stewart, the first person to teach archaeology in Australia. This research has received funding from the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the Swedish Royal Academy of Letters History and Antiquities and the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute.
Skills and Services Offered:
Historical research including commissioned histories and site specific heritage research and significance assessments
Archaeological field and survey work – Indigenous and historic
Maritime and environmental history and archaeology
Oral history and interviewing skills
Cultural heritage training and education
Cultural heritage policy and management
Museum policy and collection management
Educational and public outreach
B.A. (Hons), Dip. Ed., PhD
Member of:
Professional Historians Association (Qld)
Australian Archaeological Association
Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists
Publications and Experience:
  • Adjunct lecturer – School of Social Sciences
  • 15 years experience in cultural heritage management in the public sector including:
    • Mill Point Archaeological Project (2003-2008), Cooloola National Park – Project Coordinator, team leader of archaeological survey, recording, mapping, school and community visits.
    • Carnarvon National Park Rock Art Monitoring Project (2005) – field school for Qld Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers on rock art recording and monitoring. Re-photographing of rock art sites at Mt Moffat and comprehensive site assessment.
    • St Helena artefact project (1997-1999) – Project Coordinator, recording, photographing and cataloguing historical artefacts, supervision of archaeology students from The University of Queensland.
    • Cultural heritage survey work in South East Queensland and the Southern Brigalow Belt (1997-2000) recording over 1500 historic sites and conducting historical research allowing for assessment against criteria for entry into the Queensland Heritage Register.
    • Cultural heritage training for QPWS rangers at White Mountains National Park, Bulleringa National Park, Taunton National Park, Peel Island and Carnarvon National Park.
    • Historic and Indigenous cultural heritage surveys of Moreton District and South West Queensland as part of the development of district cultural heritage strategies for QPWS. This involved field work, staff and community consultation, and consultation with Indigenous groups.
  • Experience in museum management and collection management at The Queensland Museum including:
    • Management of the Repatriation program funded by the Commonwealth
    • Oversight of the maritime program under the Historic Shipwrecks Act
    • Chair of Qld Museum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee
  • Archaeological field experience in Australia (Indigenous and historic), Greece, Jordan, Cyprus, United Kingdom
  • Youra excavations, Greece (1995-2003) – faunal study of the fishbone assemblage from the excavations



(in press)  The fish bone assemblage from the Cave of Cyclope, Youra, part 1 in A. Sampson (ed.), The Cave of Cyclope on the Island of Youra, Greece. Mesolithic and Neolithic Networks in the Northern Aegean Basin. Department of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes.

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Book Reviews

2009  Review of “the little red yellow black book. An introduction to Indigenous Australia”, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 38, p. 139-140.

2006  Review of “Ancient Fishing and Fish Processing in the Black Sea Regions edited by Tonnes Bekkery-Nielsen, American Journal of Archaeology Vol, Vol 110 No 3, pp 526-527.


1996  Powell, J., Fishing in the Prehistoric Aegean, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, Goteburg.

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Government Reports and Manuals 

2007  Defining boundaries: an illustrated guide. Brisbane. Queensland Heritage Council. (with D. Cummins and C. Westcott)

2004  Moreton Bay (QPWS) Cultural Heritage Strategy (with N. Franklin and C. Westcott)

2002  Cultural Heritage Strategy and Cultural Heritage Integrity Statements, Master Plan for Parks

2002  QPWS Cultural Heritage Manual

2001  Cultural Heritage Management, a report to QPWS

1998  People and Trees, a thematic history of south east Queensland with particular reference to forested areas, 1823-1997, Queensland Department of Environment and Environment Australia.

1998  Travel Routes, Forest Towns and Settlements, Queensland Department of Environment and Environment Australia.

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