About PHA Qld

PHA Qld, a professional society for qualified and accredited Queensland historians, is similar to other professional associations such as architects’, doctors’, engineers’ and planners’ professional bodies.

PHA Qld is not an historical society, but instead seeks to promote the skills and expertise that members offer, and to assist qualified and accredited historians in their professional development.

The organisation also aims to foster a collegiate, supporting atmosphere for professional historians, and to disseminate relevant news, events and information to members. PHA Qld is a member of the national body Professional Historians Australia (PHA).

Scale of Fees

The national body Professional Historians Australia produces a guide for all PHA members or potential employers. This can be viewed here.

Code of Ethics

PHA Qld members are bound by the Professional Historians Australia Code of Ethics.

Rules of PHA Qld

The rules of the PHA Qld are contained in our Rules of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland) Inc.

Meetings and activities

General meetings or “behind the scenes” tours of libraries, archives or repositories, or other relevant research, historical or heritage venues are held at various occasions throughout the year.

Extra professional development activities are organised after requests or suggestions from members. The main medium for disseminating information, news and events to PHA Qld members is via our regular eBulletin.


PHA Qld forwards a monthly email bulletin to all members. These bulletins contain information such as historical or heritage work, projects or tenders available, news and events of interest to the historical and research community, and details of members activities and achievements.

The Management Committee of PHA Qld also uses the eBulletin as the primary communication with members about activities and decisions. News about membership, membership renewals and dues are also sent in the eBulletin.


Members of PHA Qld live throughout Queensland and undertake a wide range of historical projects and research. For information about joining PHA Qld go to the membership page.

Commissioning a history

Please look here for further information and how to find an accredited professional historian.


A Management Committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting (a very social affair) to oversee the administration of PHA Qld into the next financial year.

Positions Vacant

PHA Qld eBulletin Editor/Editors – if any PHA Qld members are interested, please contact your President or Management Committee.