PHA (Qld) members receive Professional Historians Australia’s peer-reviewed journal, Circa.

Circa aims to publish work that reflects the many styles, themes and formats embraced by professional historians. The journal is professionally designed and heavily illustrated to bring the stories to life.

The journal provides a forum for all Professional Historians Australia members  to publish work that reflects the diverse ways in which professional historians engage with history and practice in areas such as cultural heritage, museums, oral history, commissioned history, the media, education and government.

Further information is located here.


PHA (Qld) forwards a regular email bulletin to all members, generally on a fortnightly basis. These bulletins contain information such as historical or heritage work, projects or tenders available, news and events of interest to the historical and research community, and details of members activities and achievements.

The Management Committee of PHA (Qld) also uses the eBulletin as the primary communication with members about activities and decisions. News about membership, membership renewals and dues are also sent in the eBulletin.

For details, contributions or other information for inclusion in the eBulletin, please contact our eBulletin Editor direct, or the President.


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