Members Work: Mapping Brisbane History

30 April 2018 marked the close of the Brisbane City Council Funded Final (Third) Stage of the Mapping Brisbane History (MBH) Project. The commitment made by our team continues as we are seeing the MBH Project as an ongoing project, and there will be another large upload of more sites and revisions before the end of the year.
The great news is that we have at the end of the funded stage, over one thousand sites on the map as promised. And there is much more to come.
Mapping Brisbane History offers a new beginning in a professional, community-focused, and social science-based approach for local studies and historical geography. Rather than simply stating the significance of a site, users are able to see sites alongside one another, and gain a better understanding of Brisbane’s social geography and development as much as its built environment through different periods. This tailored approach in a digital interactive format allows history to literally be at the fingertips of audiences who may never previously have explored it.
See the current state of the MBH Project here, and visit again soon to see further updates.