What’s a name worth in Queensland: Invitation for 2012

What are the important anniversaries in Queensland during 2012?

We would like the “What’s a name worth in Queensland” is be a regular column for the PHAQ e-Bulletin.

Here is an opportunity to name that anniversary. You will be surprise how many of us ponder upon a name and wish to know more.

If there is a place name or a person’s name associated with Queensland that you think has an interesting history, why not write a short article and submit it to the e-Bulletin. Send your text with references (see example above) in the body of your email to the eBulletin editor (eBulletin@qldhistorians.org.au).

And publishing a short research note in the e-Bulletin doesn’t stop you using it for your own publishing; it is, in fact, a good way for you to get valuable feedback on the work for your future publication.