PHAQ Qld member Geoff Wharton was recently invited to a biographical article about the late Jean Jimmy of Mapoon for a new journal, the Australian Journal of Biography and History. Andruana Ann Jean Jimmy: A Mapoon leader’s struggle to regain a homeland is a finely written and well-illustrated resource, and expands on Wharton's earlier biography for the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Other biographies…

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PHA Qld member Peter Ludlow be presenting to the newly formed Redlands branch of the National Trust an updated presentation of his recent work The History Behind the Horseshoe – 2019. Peter will highlight Peel Island’s history including pre-European occupation, its use by Europeans as a quarantine station, inebriate home, and lazaret (leprosarium), and in 2007, the Island’s gazettal as a National Park and Conservation Park and the…

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PHA member Timothy Roberts has  recently consolidated three years of research in a new paper "Portrait of an artist: rediscovering Rose Blakemore", published in the February 2019 edition of Australiana. The text expands upon a presentation Tim made to the Queensland Women's Historical Association in 2016, and provides a lasting written legacy about this early teacher at the Sydney Technical College. Australiana, Vol 41…

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PHA Qld member Professor John Pearn will present a paper at the upcoming Stories of Stephens II Conference jointly hosted by the Annerley Stephens History Group Inc and the Royal Historical Society of Queensland. Professor Pearn's paper will outline the history behind the naming of Brassey, Sunbeam and Cross Streets in Fairfield. When: Saturday 23rd February, commencing at 9 am. Where: Marymac Community…

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The John Douglas Kerr Medal of Distinction for 2014: Dr Kay Cohen

At the Queensland Day Dinner hosted by the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Dr Kay Cohen was presented with the 2014 John Douglas Kerr Medal of Distinction. In a career spanning over thirty years, Dr Kay Cohen has and continues to demonstrate a quiet, generous and prodigious professionalism and dedication to the field of Queensland history. Kay’s principal area of…

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Review – Janice Cooper, Crossing the Divide: a history of the Alpha and Jericho Districts, Barcaldine Regional Council, 2013.

By Thom Blake Crossing the Divide is a history of the area in central Queensland formerly encompassed by the Jericho Shire Council. Janice Cooper, a PHA member, was commissioned by the Barcaldine Regional Council to research and write this history. The Council should be well pleased with the result as Cooper has done an admirable job. She was well qualified…

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Guest Editorial – Historically-minded in Queensland

Dear Editor,

Your recent editorial on generational change expressed some important issues very clearly. It is certainly true, as you say, that it is the 60+ generation that seem the most interested in history, and that trend has probably been with us since Adam was a boy. I am not sure if anyone has done a study of all those ‘Back to Croydon/Hughenden/Cloncurry’-style commemorative publications printed in the 1950s etc. to celebrate the historical anniversaries of Queensland districts, but I am sure that ‘old timers’ were probably at the forefront of such heritage-minded endeavours. As we get older, we do tend to have a greater awareness and appreciation of the passage of time. (more…)

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Editorial – It’s not all Gloom and Doom!

I am told that “May you live in interesting times”, is often referred to as the Chinese curse. I don’t believe in curses in any providential sense, but it is true that, as professional historians, we are living in interesting times. There is much about our present context that makes it difficult for a historian as an independent and credible scholar. Digitalisation of historical resources has come at a price. Certainly it speeds up the research process and makes it even possible to access sources which were too distant to make it unfeasible to organise a research trip. It cannot be all put up online. The trip to the archives (hopefully not too far away) is still a necessity, and given the volume of archival material, it will still be a necessity for a long time to come. However, what the trained scholar has access to, so has the amateur historian. There is no problem in the fact that increasingly many folk now wish to take up the role of the amateur historian, nor is there a problem in the archivist making it easier for the disciplinary-untrained to do history work. Most archives have a public obligation to make material freely-available. The difficulty doesn’t lie here.


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2013 John Douglas Kerr Medal of Distinction – Dr Ruth Kerr, OAM

Few people have made a greater contribution to excellence in Queensland history as Dr Ruth Kerr has, and continues to, over a career spanning forty-five years. In her teaching, research, publications and involvement with Queensland State Archives, Queensland Parliamentary Library, a range of Queensland Government Departments, the University of Queensland, the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, the Australian Mining History Association, the Professional Historians Association of Queensland and most of Queensland’s local historical associations Dr Kerr has contributed diligently and generously to advancing our knowledge of Queensland’s history.

Queensland Day Dinner 2013

Queensland Day Dinner
From L to R – Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley, Mary Elliott, Ruth Kerr’s sister-in-law, and Ruth Kerr (more…)

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