Congratulations Val Donovan

At the Royal Historical Society of Queensland’s Annual General Meeting on 14 November 2017, PHA Qld member Val Donovan was awarded a Royal Historical Society of Queensland Fellowship for her research, writing, editorship of the Queensland History Journal (since 2007), and historical publications. Val joined the RHSQ’s Honorary Research Group in 2003 and made a major contribution to the group until her retirement from the role 2016, especially in the research and editing of the Lost Brisbane publications produced by the RHSQ with publisher QBD. Val is published in Aboriginal, colonial and institutional history and has experience in native title land claims. Her titles include The reality of a dark history: from contact and conflict to cultural recognition (2002-2014), Making connections: a journey along Central Australian Aboriginal trading routes (2004), and From coast to coast: Aboriginal storylines and trading routes (2010).