Gordon Grimwade is an historical archaeologist, writer and geographer with over forty diverse years in the industry. His work as a heritage specialist has focused on mining, cemeteries and military history along with museum curation and conservation management with particular focus on rural and remote regions of the tropical north. He is a former Member of the Queensland Heritage Council and a Member of Australia ICOMOS. Gordon is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (UK), a Chartered Geographer and on the International Advisory Board for the US based ‘Dig Into History’ (for 7 – 14 years old to which he is a frequent contributor. He was John Oxley Fellow in 2008 researching Chinese illegal, overland migration from the Northern Territory to the Eastern colonies.

Gordon has written widely on ethnic minority heritage, mining, and military history of North Queensland primarily in the course of providing management plans and heritage significance assessments, displays and interpretive signage. He has curated several displays and developed travelling exhibitions for remote areas.
Skills and Services Offered
Regional and remote area heritage management, assessment and interpretation. Site museum and local museum management and curation. Writing history for general public.
Master of Letters (Class 1), James Cook University 1989
Bachelor of Arts (WAIT) 1987
Chartered Geographer (RGS, UK)
Patrol Officers Certificate (ASOPA, Sydney) 1964
Professional Interests
Mining, cemetery, ethnic (Chinese, Japanese, Indigenous) history and heritage. Site management and interpretation. Interpretive signage. Writing history for young readers.
Publications and Experience

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Over 20 articles for young readers on historical and archaeological issues ranging from ancient time keeping to mound burials, Uluru and historical mining for an International publishing house.

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