I am a professional historian and the principal of HM Bennett, a Brisbane-based business providing professional history research and heritage assessment expertise.
With over three decades’ experience in this field, including 19 years employed in the Queensland Government’s Heritage Branch, I can offer a wide experience in historical research, assessment, writing, editing and publishing. I also have experience in history/heritage seminar and conference organisation and in providing expert advice to Queensland’s Planning and Environment Court.
I strive to provide a high standard of information and advice to clients and produce well-written and illustrated historical and heritage reports and well-researched, fully-referenced and illustrated histories.
I am a member of the Professional Historians Association (Qld), the Australian Historical Association, the Australian Garden History Society, the National Trust of Queensland and the Brisbane History Group.
Skills and Services Offered
I specialise in the research and writing of historical reports, commissioned histories and heritage surveys and assessments. My work has included general historical research and reporting; history of places and enterprises; thematic histories of regions, local government areas, towns and suburbs; historical heritage assessments and surveys based on recognised local/regional, state and national heritage criteria; history/heritage guides; and family history.
BA (UQ 1975), Dip Ed (UQ 1976), Grad Dip Media Studies (AFTRS 1987) PhD (Griffith 2011)
Professional Interests
My professional interests lie in the history of the pattern of development of Queensland’s towns and suburbs; in the evolution and conservation of the built environment generally; in nineteenth and early twentieth century drapery firms and department stores; and in the role of women as entrepreneurs. The history of residential flats in Brisbane in the 1920s and 1930s is a particular interest.
Publications and Experience

Alfred Henry Towndrow and Margaret Shaw Blaikie: a family portrait c.1700-2015, commissioned private publication, 2015.
Work faithfully performed... A history of E. Chapman & Son Pty Ltd, builders and contractors since 1869, Everton Hills, Qld: E. Chapman & Son Pty Ltd, 2013.
(Editor and principal author) Using the criteria: a methodology. An interpretation and methodological framework for entering places in the Queensland Heritage Register using the criteria established by the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, Brisbane: Queensland Heritage Council, 2006.
(Editor and principal author) Illustrated guide to entering houses in the Queensland Heritage Register, Brisbane: Queensland Heritage Council, 2005 (on-line at

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