Ray Kerkhove
Ray Kerkhove is an independent consultant who specialises in reconstructing Indigenous site histories across southern Queensland. His work embraces Indigenous resource use, social history and conflict sites. He also occasionally writes on religious history. He is currently working with the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre (Dept of Architecture, University of Queensland) on aspects of frontier fortification and Aboriginal involvement in early architecture. As visiting Fellow at Griffith University (2017-2018), he designed the first website on SE Queensland Aboriginal resistance.

Between 2007 and 2011 Ray was Project Manager of the organisation he Co-founded, ICP Aust Inc, which developed dozens of Aboriginal projects across Queensland: events (e.g. Bringing Kitchener Home, Bunya Dreaming), monuments, language revival, books (e.g. Bury Me at Tartulla Hill), educational DVDs and art exhibitions (e.g. Heart of Earth, Quilpie).

Since 2013, Ray has provided key research towards education kits (Sunshine Coast DETE and Toowoomba high schools); cultural revitalisation projects (Maroochy Gunyah; Women’s Hands basketry; Julara fishnet reconstruction; the nationally touring Gubbi Gubbi canoe); Master Plans (e.g. Nambour, South Bank Community Space), historic signage (e.g. Beerburrum walking trail, One Tree Hill - Duggan Park; Redcliffe Museum; Judy Watson’s 'Women’s Walk' - Kingsford Smith Drive artworks), maps (Museum of Brisbane’s interactive Indigenous map of Brisbane CBD) and development projects including Toowoomba Bypass, Queen’s Wharf, Sunshine Coast Plaza, Sunshine Coast Airport and Victoria Park. He regularly contributes research towards the nation-wide digital mapping projects conducted by the Indigenous-owned 'Virtual Songlines'.
Skills and Services Offered
Historical reports on local (SE Qld) Indigenous histories & site-use
Historical mapping of Indigenous sites
Significance assessments of archival & artefact collections
Connection Reports (Native Title)
Biographical research on early Aboriginal figures
Research for reconstruction of items of Aboriginal material culture
Texts and panels for public exhibitions
Education kits
Public talks
Research on Aboriginal resource use
Project management
2002 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) University of Queensland, St. Lucia
1994 Master of Arts (History & Indigenous Religions) University of Queensland, St.Lucia
1984 Post graduate Honours (1st Semester), University of Queensland, St.Lucia
1982 Bachelor of Arts, University of Queensland, St. Lucia

Non-university qualifications
2010 Beyond Awareness – Indigenous Cultural Competency Training (WMP)
2007 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness (HACC)
2004 Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment (Marc Radcliffe)
Professional Interests
SE Queensland Aboriginal history
Frontier Wars and Aboriginal resistance
Aboriginal Material Culture
Mapping Aboriginal history
Indigenous cultures (globally)
Religious arts
Publications and Experience

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Public Talks and Media
2019, ‘Aboriginal Camps of Greater Brisbane: Norman Creek Catchment,’ Norman Creek Catchment, 14th October.
2019,’The Battle of Narawai,’ North Stradbroke Island Museum, 28th September.
2019, ‘The Battle of One Tree Hill,’ ABC Radio Darling Downs, September.
2019, ‘Battle of One Tree Hill: remembering an Indigenous victory and a warrior who routed the whites, ‘ The Guardian, 15th September.
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2019, ‘Aboriginal Campsites of Brisbane: CBD Vicinity,’ Northey Street Community Farm, Brisbane, 23rd July.
2019, ‘Unspoken legacy: Aboriginal heritage and the Hospital precincts,’ St Vincent’s Hospital, Chermside, 18th June.
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2019, ‘Aboriginal Campsites of Enoggera,’ Hillbrook Anglican College, 29th May.
2019, ‘Aboriginal Heritage of Inland SE Qld,’ guest lecture, Dept of Architecture, University of Queensland, 6th March.
2018, ‘Eulope and the Battle of Moongalba,’ Quandamooka Festival (Colounring of Australia’s History), North Stradbroke Island Museum, September.
2018, ‘Boundaries and Curfews Effecting Brisbane Aboriginal Life: 19th -20th Centuries,’ Guest lecture, Reconciliation Queensland, Mitchelton, November.
2018, ‘Aspects of Moreton Bay Indigenous History,’ guest lecture, Department of Architecture (Postgraduate Class), University of Queensland, 1st August.
2018, ‘Reconstructing Aboriginal Warfare: Considerations for Archaeological Analysis,’ Archaeology of War Conference, National Maritime Museum, Sydney, June.
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2010, ‘Transformative Benefits: locating and supporting inspirational Indigenous cultural projects’ – paper & talk, 17th Annual Native Title and Cultural Heritage Forum, Brisbane (Hilton), 30 November – 1st December.

2011 Governor’s Award (Gold), National Trust of Queensland Award for ICP Aust Inc, for promoting local heritage (Wangkumarra Stories)
2009 Finalist - Reconciliation Qld Awards (community organization division), for developing ICP Aust Inc
2009 Helen Taylor Award for Local History (Brisbane City Council), with Indigenous researcher Alex Bon

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