Editorial – Getting Out There

The year is racing past. We blinked and the editor failed to get the April edition of the e-Bulletin out. Hence we are now up to the May edition. It is time to get out there.

This month the big event to get out to, if you are in the neighbourhood, is our regional meeting on Saturday morning, 25 May, at Ipswich Grammar School. We hope that we might see a large gathering of members in the effort to connect ourselves better across the state.

There are a few book launches to get out to this year. Kay Saunders has her new book to be launched at 17th May 2013 at the Commissariat Store. If you have a publication due to be launched during the year, let the editor know, so we can put in an announcement in the next e-bulletin.

There is also the opportunity to get out and write a few book reviews, if not also articles, for the next issue of Circa, the national journal for professional historians.

Alas, our mentor and fellow professional historian, Emeritus Professor John Robert Laverty, has gone from our midst. He passed away on Thursday evening, 25 April, after a short illness. He will be remembered for the path he forged in the academic and professional discipline of Queensland local histories.