Over 40,000 historic property plans of 250 Sydney suburbs have been digitised and made available for the first time on the State Library of NSW’s website.  “The plans provide a fascinating visual record of how Sydney has expanded over time,” says Maggie Patton, the State Library’s head curator. “You can see how your street, suburb and the city centre were imagined by town planners of the past.”
Dating from as early as the 1860s up to the 1930s, the plans were produced by real estate agents and auctioneers to advertise new subdivisions and land sales. They range from hand drawn surveyors’ plans to beautifully designed colour posters. 
Over the next two years the State Library will progressively digitise its collection of subdivision plans of regional NSW. Funding for the Library’s digitisation program has been supported by the NSW Government.
Search the plans here.