Leith Barter (1947-2012)

Tribute by Jeff Hopkins-Weise

In the local Pine Rivers/Moreton Bay Region history and heritage scene, it is sad to note the passing of well-known and respected local historian and former council librarian Leith Barter (1947-2012). Leith lost his battle with cancer on 9 July, aged 64. He had only recently retired from his position as Local Studies Librarian at the Strathpine Library in late 2010, after holding that position for some 14 years.

Leith was very passionate about local history and family history, and some PHA members may have had dealings with him when he was a council employee, or even familiar with his very useful and informative 2005 book, Pioneering the Pine: A Short History of the Pine Rivers Shire (for the then Pine Rivers Shire Council).

Leith was also very involved with local history groups, and played an important role in the creation of the Dayboro District Historical Society in 2004, as well as ongoing support and membership. His interest and passion for history was ongoing, and he had recently obtained a grant from the Moreton Bay Regional Council to do a history of the region, which sadly will remain unfinished. Although I did not know Leith well, I often engaged with him at meetings, talks or other events in and around Dayboro or at the Pine Rivers Museum. He had also spoken to me about making an effort to join PHA, as he felt it was important to do so, as he wanted to continue researching and writing history, and saw professional membership as an important aspect of this. Leith will be sadly missed, and his local knowledge and expertise will be extremely hard to replace.