Members work: Tim Bottoms’ ‘Cairns, City of the South Pacific, A History 1770-1995’

Member Dr Tim Bottoms has launched a ‘new’ comprehensive history entitled Cairns, City of the South Pacific, A History 1770-1995. Details can be found at:

The book was launched on 5 November by the State Member for Cairns, Mr. Rob Pyne, son of the late Mayor of Cairns, Tom Pyne, who appointed Tim to write the work back in 1997. The next Council refused to publish the history and its publication has been in abeyance for 13 years until Tim found a philanthropic sponsor whose generosity has enabled a Limited 1st Edition to finally hit the presses.

This history of Cairns was what spurred Tim to research and write, Conspiracy of Silence, Queensland’s frontier killing times(Allen & Unwin, 2013).