New gallery opens in Brisbane

The Gallery of Children’s Art was launched with an effervescent party on 18 May. The gallery is the brainchild of Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM, and respects the voice, ideas and creativity of children, highlighting their capacity to significantly contribute to the cultural life of our community. The Gallery curates shows created by children in their early and middle childhood. The inaugural exhibition, Starting Young, showcases the work of six leading contemporary artists – Vernon Ah Kee, the late Gordon Bennett, Ross Manning, Patricia Piccinini, Luke Roberts, Madonna Staunton and Judy Watson – alongside works created by these artists during their childhood. The exhibition continues until August 18.
GOCA has been established on seed funding, crowd funding, and a partnership with Aria property group who are redeveloping the Fish Lane precinct in South Brisbane. Behind the gallery’s historic red-brick facade at 17 Manning Street, South Brisbane is an open-plan environment which functions both as a gallery space and creative zone where children can learn about art and create pieces of their own.

Gallery of Children's Art, Brisbane
Gallery of Children’s Art, Brisbane