Professional Historians Australia supports LGBTIQ+ community

In September, Professional Historians Australia issued a statement of support for Australia’s LGBTIQ+ community during the ongoing marriage equality discussion. The statement acknowledges the role contributions that LGBTIQ+ Australians make in the history profession, and encourages support of all PHA members in the workplace and professional arena. The statement, cited below, can be found on the Professional Historians Australia website.

Professional Historians Australia is proud to stand alongside our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and gender queer (LGBTIQ+) members, clients, and the wider LGBTIQ+ community to support marriage equality in Australia.

Australia’s history is diverse, as are our relationships. PHA recognises the work that LGBTIQ+ Australians contribute to the preservation, interpretation and dissemination of history; and believe that all Australians possess the right to be seen as equals in the eyes of the law, free of prejudice and discrimination.

PHA encourages all our membership and affiliated organisations to support our LGBTIQ+ colleagues and to provide a safe and inclusive environment for them to continue their work. We wish to affirm our support of our LGBTIQ+ members, and advocate the maintenance of anti-discrimination legislation to protect all members of our community.

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