Editorial – I for you, you for me, and all for all

The New Year has started, and already the PHAQ Management Committee has met over the recess to accomplish major pieces of work. On Saturday January 19 most Committee members were in attendance at an annual workshop (pictured) to plan the year before us. It was held at the hideaway of patron Ross Johnston, and we are in debt for the wealth of support that both of our patrons have provided to the Association.

Next month the President Katie McConnel will make a full report on the new strategic plan that was agreed upon, as well as changes being sorted-out to constitutional matters. All that can be said, at the moment, is that we will be looking to more regional participation, the development of secure online profiling of members through a new website, closer contact with the universities, and a major conference next year. The Committee will look to meet in March to wrap up the details and make the appropriate announcements to the membership.

The key to a strong professional association, however, is that the majority of the membership becomes active in the many formal tasks to promote professional history, get members the opportunities for work, and share our wealth of knowledge. Too often the organisational work falls to the few. There is, however, a promise of a sea-change in societal valuing of history and a more responsive marketplace (please read the article, “Commemoration Planning — The Next Three Years”). A sea-change in the ordinary person’s thinking about professional history can greatly benefit all members. It will only be made possible if each member plays even just one small additional role in covering the weight of the work that goes into building-up the Association. The load can crush the efforts of the few and the ability to seize the day is lost.

It has to be mutual altruism for all of us to move forward in our work life. The membership through the Association provides you with aids and tools for your professional achievements. Can you offer just some more of your time and effort to support the membership?