The Queensland Atlas of Religion (QAR) is an exciting new project based in the University of Queensland’s School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry (St Lucia campus, Brisbane).

The QAR project was awarded ARC Linkage funding this year for three years, and will analyse and document patterns of religious diversity in Queensland presently and in the past. While there is an emphasis on contemporary developments in the four PhD projects, they would also be suitable for history graduates and qualified researchers interested in exploring the history of religion in Queensland and its contemporary implications. One of the scholarships (on Aboriginal Christianity) has been identified for an Indigenous researcher.

For broad information about the QAR project please see https://hpi.uq.edu.au/project/queensland-atlas-religion-place-story-identity-action For an overview of the PhD scholarships, please see this page.

Four PhD projects with stipends are available, and the specific project descriptions can be found here:

Potential applicants are welcome to contact the relevant project supervisors for more information.

Please note that the application closing date is Sunday 17 November, 2019.