Writing as the Historian’s Art — Let’s sample your ware

By the Editor (yet again)

Regularly readers of the e-Bulletin would see that the editor is running “re-prints” of previous published articles for this first web-based edition. It is somewhat regrettable but it cannot be helped. The PHAQ needs regular writers for its e-Bulletin. I am sure we are all a bit over the editor’s by-line appearing in the e-Bulletin articles, and the editor certainly is. The editor needs to edit, not continually write the material.

Writing is a key feature of our work as professional historians. As an association of professional historians we ought to be keen to contribute our writing in collegial service. It has a number of purposes – it declares a place in the association, it marks our research territory, it displays our flair & insight, it teaches, it demonstrates, it argues the point, and it is just a demand good thing to do. Give us an sample of your writing, and we will all benefit.

Perhaps you might have a few paragraphs that explain the history of a Queensland place-name or a name of a Queenslander. Or maybe you have some thoughts about a software or new methodological approach for the professional historian. And what about that short piece inspired from the odd pondering. Why not send a draft to the editor and email your text to eBulletin@qldhistorians.org.au . The e-Bulletin is your communication with your fellow professional historian in Queensland, and we all benefit from your unique insights.