Commemoration Planning – The Next Three Years

How Professional Historians in Queensland Can Maximize Work Opportunities
By Neville Buch, Ph.D., MPHA.

Historians are good at looking backwards, but not so good at looking forward. Quite by accident, last year, I found a revolutionary approach to boost my local history work. It was a realisation that the 30th anniversary was happening for the 1982 Commonwealth Games in about a month’s time that led to our local history groups, on the Brisbane Southside, to organise a local community commemoration of this important event for the city, as well as the state and nation. The weird thing was nobody thought to do anything for the 30th anniversary, not even the Commonwealth Games organisation. Our small local history groups acted fast to capture the commemoration moment and created an event which drew attention to the work of local history through the local newspaper. There was also a great networking opportunity that was created through collaboration with the Living Memory Project, organised by Marion Stell from University of Queensland, and Celmara Pocock from the University of Southern Queensland…

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