Timothy Roberts
Timothy Roberts is an art historian specialising in Australian art heritage before 1945; Queensland art, decorative arts, design and material culture. Timothy has studied history and art history at the Universities of Queensland and Sydney, and has served private, institutional and not-for-profit clients in the areas of significance assessment, biographical research and commissioned art histories. He publishes across a range of scholarly and publicly-accessible publications, curates exhibitions, and speaks publicly on a range of Australian art and history topics.
Skills and Services Offered
Significance assessments of art, decorative arts, material culture and design
Biographical research on artists and designers
Research, writing and liaising with publishers
Curating exhibitions and displays
Public speaking
Museum and heritage consulting
2008 Bachelor of Arts (Honours Class I Art History & Theory), University of Sydney
2007 Bachelor of Arts (Art history and History), University of Queensland
Professional Interests
Australian art and design before 1945
Queensland design and art heritage
Biographical research on artists and designers
Relationships between art, society, religion and politics
LGBTQI+ art and history in the 20th and 21st centuries
Publications and Experience

2021-22 Curatorial advisor, Silhouettes: Fashion in the Shadow of HIV/AIDS, The David Roche Foundation, Adelaide, 29 January-19 June 2022 [Exhibition presented by South Australian Mobilisiation + Advancement of Sexual Health (SAMESH)].
2019-20 Visiting Fellow, Harry Gentle Resource Centre, Griffith University. Picturing the North: Representing Queensland before 1859 creates an index of artworks created before 1859 that depict the people, places and events in the geographical region now known as Queensland; uncovers biographical details of the artists that created the works; and provides a historical context to frame the art heritage during this formative period of Queensland’s development.
2017-18 Curatorial officer, Griffith University Art Museum. Preparing material for the publication and exhibition With Heart & Hand: Art Pottery in Queensland 1900-1950.
2014 Curator, Call to Duty: Stories from the Great War, Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Commissariat Store Museum, 26 April 2014-3 April 2015.
2012 Commissioned by Griffith University Art Collections to research and underscore the significance of a major donation of Harvey School pottery for submission to the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program assessors.
2009–present Proprietor, Timothy Roberts Art Historian

2022 Silhouettes: Fashion in the Shadow of HIV/AIDS., The David Roche Foundation.
One chapter contributed:
•      Fashion activism: off the runway, on the streets
2021 Friendship as a Way of Life (a reader): An exhibition project exploring queer kinship and forms of being togther., Edited by José Da Silva, University of New South Wales.
One chapter contributed:
•      Love Knows No Limit: Public and Private Lives in Leather Communities
2021 ‘Plains of Colour: Thomas Domville Taylor, the Darling Downs, and Aboriginal Australia.’ Queensland History Journal November 2021 pp 963-976
2020 Thomas John Domville Taylor. Harry Gentle Resource Centre
2020 Black and Blue in Brisbane: Boot Co. - A History, Privately Printed in a numbered edition of 50 copies for The Boot Co. Brisbane.
2019 Queer Objects, Edited by Chris Brickell and Judith Collard, Otago University Press; Rutgers University Press; and Manchester University Press.
Two chapters contributed:
•      Donald Friend's Life in Letters
•      The Rangers Motor Club Flag
2019 ‘Portrait of an artist: rediscovering Rose Blakemore.’ Australiana February 2019 pp 5-10
2018 With Heart & Hand: Art Pottery in Queensland 1900-1950, co-authored with Dianne Byrne, Glenn Cooke, and Sheila Gould. Edited by Angela Goddard, Griffith University Art Museum.
Six chapters contributed:
•      Clem Ainslie: Fidelity
•      Bessie Devereux: ‘Original and Daring Experimenter’
•      Muriel MacDiarmid: The Traveller
•      Daphne Mayo: ‘Potty Little Things’
•      A Secret Garden: China painting and pottery decoration in Queensland
•      Commerce and Creativity: A brief history of Stone’s Bristol Pottery
2015 ‘The prize medals and decorations of Charles Allen Brown.' Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia, vol 26 2015, pp 54-70
2015 ‘A summer night paradise in wartime Brisbane: the Allies’ Garden City.’ Queensland History Journal, May 2015 pp 655-663
2014 ‘My Collection Favourite: Charles Allen Brown.' Artlines 2014-4 December 2014 - February 2015 p 43
2013 ‘Fit for a Queen: two Royal jubilee testimonials from colonial Queensland.’ Australiana November 2013 pp 11-15
2013 ‘A major gift of Harvey School pottery.’ The World of Antiques and Art February-August 2013 pp 44-48
2012 ‘Donald Friend’s life in letters.’ Australiana November 2012 pp 4-8
2011 ‘‘Symbolising Success: Joseph Backler’s Portraits of Robert and Alice Pollock.’ Queensland History Journal November 2011 pp 438-446
2011 ‘People and Places: Joseph Backler in Queensland.’ Australiana May 2011 pp 18-24
2010 ‘A “National Portrait” for Queensland.’ Australiana November 2010 pp 5-8
2010 ‘Picturing Progress: Rediscovering Joseph Backler’s View of Brisbane 1866.’ National Library Magazine June 2010 pp 8-11
2010 ‘A Fine Proposal.’ Australiana February 2010 p 38
2009 ‘An early colonial jeweller in Queensland: the life and career of Augustus Kosvitz.’ Australiana August 2009 pp 4-8
2020 Thomas John Domville Taylor. Design and Art Australia Online
2016 Rose Blakemore. Design and Art Australia Online
2013 Dorothy Helen Gordon. Design and Art Australia Online
2013 Julius Hogarth (revised). Design and Art Australia Online
2011 Anthony Alder. Design and Art Australia Online
2009 Augustus Kosvitz. Design and Art Australia Online
2009 Julius Hogarth. Design and Art Australia Online

2014 A moment of humanity in the trials of war: The Third Australian Machine Gun Company's day of sports, State Library of Queensland World War 1 Blog, 10 October 2014
2014 A wartime spectacle in Brisbane: The Allies' Garden City, State Library of Queensland World War 1 Blog, 24 April 2014

Public Speaking
2022 Guest lecturer, The David Roche Foundation. Thursday 21 April 2022. Wear your heart on your sleeve: Fashion as activism.
2021 Panellist, Culture in Queensland Setting, 2021 Professional Historians Australia Conference. Sunday 19 September 2021. [Presented with Dr Neville Buch, Dr Deborah Jordan, and Dr Anne Monsour]
2021 Guest lecturer, The Lyceum Club (Brisbane) Inc. Monday 6 September 2021. Handmade History: the life and art of Muriel MacDiarmid.
2021 Panellist, The South Australian AIDS Memorial Quilts, SAMESH and History Trust of South Australia. Thursday 13 May 2021. [Presented with Will Sergeant, Dean Gloede, Nikki Sullivan, Greg Mackie, Kath Leane, and Skye Bartlett]
2020 Guest lecturer, Royal Historical Society of Queensland. Wednesday 9 December 2020. Drawing the Downs: Thomas Domville Taylor's representations of early life in Queensland.
2020 In conversation: QAGOMA: Collection Stories / An Artwork's Journey. [Presented with Belinda Elderton and Dominique Jones on 15 October 2020 in conjunction with the exhibition 'Two Sisters, a Singular Vision', 18 July 2020 - 31 January 2021]
2020 Voiceover: UNSW Galleries: Leather Pride, Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt in memory of the leather community. [Presented in conjunction with the exhibition 'Friendship as a Way of Life', 8 May - 21 November 2020]
2020 Guest Speaker: UNSW Galleries: Flesh Meet: Timothy Roberts - The Rangers Motor Club, Friendship, and Community. [Presented on 30 July 2020 in conjunction with the exhibition 'Friendship as a Way of Life, 8 May - 21 November 2020]
2020 Guest Speaker: Queensland State Archives: Picturing the North: Representations of Queensland before 1859.
2020 Guest speaker: QNews COVID-19 Vlog series: Queensland Odyssey - The Journey of Qld's LGBTIQ+ Communities.
2019 Guest speaker: 2nd annual Queensland Women's Historical Association History Symposium, Brisbane Queensland. The Mysterious Mary Jones: an early figure in Queensland's visual arts.
2018 Exhibition tour: With Heart & Hand: art pottery in Queensland 1900-1950 with curator and publication co-author Glenn R. Cooke.
2017 Session speaker: 2017 Australian Homosexual Histories Conference, Adelaide South Australia. Degradation and Filth: Queensland's Literature Board of Review and Homosexuality.
2016 Guest lecturer, Queensland Women's Historical Association. Monthly morning tea and lecture 12 May 2016. Miss Blakemore's portrait: the life and work of Rose Blakemore.
2015 Session speaker: 2015 Australian Homosexual Histories Conference, Adelaide South Australia. Being Black and Blue in Brisbane: the early years of the Boot Company.
2014 Guest lecturer, Royal Historical Society of Queensland. RHSQ @ home Saturday 26 April 2014. A mid-summer dream in wartime Brisbane : The Allies’ Garden City.
2013 Session speaker: 2013 Australian Homosexual Histories Conference, Melbourne Victoria. Those tales that cannot be told: the not-so-private life of Donald Friend.
2013 Session speaker: 2013 Numismatic Association of Australia Conference, Brisbane Queensland. The award medals and decorations of Charles Allen Brown.
2011 Guest lecturer, Royal Historical Society of Queensland. RHSQ not @ home Sunday 6 March 2011. Joseph Backler: convict artist in Queensland.

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