Editorial – I for you, you for me, and all for all

The New Year has started, and already the PHAQ Management Committee has met over the recess to accomplish major pieces of work. On Saturday January 19 most Committee members were in attendance at an annual workshop (pictured) to plan the year before us. It was held at the hideaway of patron Ross Johnston, and we are in debt for the wealth of support that both of our patrons have provided to the Association.


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Commemoration Planning – The Next Three Years

How Professional Historians in Queensland Can Maximize Work Opportunities By Neville Buch, Ph.D., MPHA. Historians are good at looking backwards, but not so good at looking forward. Quite by accident, last year, I found a revolutionary approach to boost my local history work. It was a realisation that the 30th anniversary was happening for the 1982 Commonwealth Games in about…

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Editorial — Hope, Fear, and Promise for 2013

“Hope, Fear, Promise”, these are human responses that we ponder upon in our history writing. They are also emotions that each of us have experienced at some time in our career as a professional historian, and surely they are questions that we have for the future of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland).


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Editorial — “What are we’re doing over the Christmas-New Year Break”?

Already in my street the neighbours have put up Christmas lights. Of course, the supermarkets had Christmas displays in the aisles months ago.

There is a caricature about the Festive Season.  It is a family time. It is a time we’re winding-down at work.  In particular historical contexts that makes sense, but for many of us the caricature is plain nonsense.  Some may indeed have family around for Christmas Day but for the rest of the season it is the usual solitary existence. For a few, there is simply no family. As for winding-down, that’s much less likely for the professional classes, especially in today’s economic climate. For academics, and for many non-academic professional historians, the Christmas-New Year period is the time to get on with the book-writing or that research project.  Yes, the Festive Season is a change of pace, but usually it involves speeding-up, not slowing down.


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Editorial – What happened at the AGM?

Here we are reading the October 2012 edition of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland) e-Bulletin, three weeks after the Annual General Meeting. Time is moving on. It is hard to imagine the whirlwind of activity that led up to our reformation for this very start of the 2012-2013 business period.  We needed to catch our breath, and digest the immense issues that were discussed at the AGM.


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Report of the President and Management Committee 2011/12

Management Committee Annual Report 2011-2012

Welcome everyone to the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Professional
Historians Association of Queensland and thank you for your attendance here this
evening. It has been a busy year and it is my pleasure now to present the 21st
Annual Report of the Management Committee of the Professional Historians
Association of Queensland.


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Helping to Find Queensland’s Significant Gardens and Landscapes

Can you help with finding Queensland’s significant gardens and landscapes?

Gardens are under-represented in heritage registers.

The Australian Garden History Society (AGHS) is undertaking a survey of
Queensland gardens and landscapes as the first step in a national strategy to
recognise and conserve heritage gardens.

The society has commissioned a team comprising Catherine Brouwer Landscape
Architects, Riddel Architecture and Nissen Associates to develop a statewide list
of gardens, landscapes or plantings with historical significance.


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Report on e-Hive Workshop

Report on e-Hive Workshop
For the Professional Historians Association (Queensland)
Dr Neville Buch, e-Bulletin Editor
25 July 2012


On Monday 24 July I attended the e-Hive Workshop organised by Vernon Systems Ltd, held at the Queensland Museum by Zoe Hill. Vernon Systems Ltd is a company that produces collections management software for museums, galleries, and other cultural heritage institutions. Established in 1985 and based in Auckland, New Zealand, it manages the collection system for the Queensland Museum.  eHive is a web-based software as a service application, which means it  provides an online collections management system to the public,  allowing free use initially for low levels of use, and then graded charges depending on usage.


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Stepping Up to the Mark – New Roles for PHAQ Members

By Dr Jonathan Richards
Vice President, Professional Historians Association (Queensland)

The 2012 Annual General Meeting on 26 September will be a watershed for the Professional Historians Association (Queensland). The Association has reached a point in its natural development where new roles need to be taken on, and where there will be a partial “changing of the guard.” Geoff Doherty is retiring as our Treasurer, the role being one of the three Executive positions.


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